Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I learn about employment opportunities with PCC?

    Please visit our careers website.

    How can I follow-up on an application submitted to PCC for employment?

    If you have applied for a position at Precision Castparts via our website (, please be assured that it has been directed to the appropriate personnel and you will receive a response.  All applications for employment should be submitted in response to a specific job within the Current Jobs list and will be subsequently reviewed. 

    I am a current/former employee of PCC. Where can I find pension information?

    PCC has several different pension plans and administrators for current and former PCC businesses. Please use the pension information form within the Contact Us section to help us direct you to the appropriate plan administrator.

    Is the general public allowed to go on tours of PCC’s plant facilities? 

    PCC has very strict guidelines in regards to our manufacturing facilities.  Unfortunately, due to the production of classified materials and safety regulations, we are unable to offer plant tours to the general public.

    Does PCC have a corporate giving program?

    While PCC gives generous support to a number of local causes and encourages our operations (located in more than 20 states in the U.S.) to do the same, we do not have either a formal corporate giving program or a foundation.

    What is PCC’s total employment?

    Total number of employees may be found here.

    How many manufacturing facilities does PCC operate worldwide?

    Total number of manufacturing facilities may be found here.

    Where are PCC’s headquarters?

    Precision Castparts Corp.
    4650 SW Macadam Avenue, Suite 400
    Portland, Oregon 97239 USA
    Main: 1-503-946-4800

    How is PCC organized?

    Please see our organization chart within the Company Overview section.

    What are PCC’s principal end markets (by percentage)?

    Principal end markets by percentage may be found here

    What are PCC’s main products?

    A list of PCC’s main products by segment may be found within the Company Overview section.

    What is PCC’s acquisition strategy?

    PCC’s acquisition strategy may be found within the Company Overview section.