Products And Brands

Aerospace Fasteners

Throughout our history, PCC Fastener Products has worked closely with our customers to specify the optimal fasteners for their applications, developing the experience, manufacturing capability, and capacity that today encompass nearly every fastener style, material, and size used in the aerospace industry. Our industry leading brands include Air Industries Company (AIC), Cherry Aerospace, Fatigue Technology (FTI), PB Fasteners, SPS Technologies, Shur-Lok Company, and T.J. Brooks.

Aerospace Fittings, Connectors, and Precision Machined Components

PCC Fastener Products’ comprehensive capability in this product area comprises the following well-known brands: AF Aerospace, Airdrome Precision Components, Shur-Lok International, and Faber Enterprises. Our product offering includes everything from customer make-to-print and industry standards to cost, weight, and space-saving solutions developed from our unique technologies.

Fasteners for Automotive and Industrial Use

Key product lines include connecting rod bolts, cylinder head bolts, disk brake caliper pins, socket head cap screws, blind studs and inserts, compression limiters for composites assembly, and MS/NAS bolts. Our primary brands in this market include AVK Industrial Products and Metalac SPS Industria e Commercio Ltda.

Engineered Products

E/ONE operates two distinct businesses. E/One Sewer Systems manufactures low-pressure collection systems that follow the contour of the land to provide a less invasive and more cost-effective sewer solution for residential installations. E/One Utility Systems manufactures monitoring and control systems to increase efficiency, improve maintenance practices, and avoid costly disruption to operations that utilize hydrogen-cooled generators.

J&L is a foundry that produces high-quality, complete-to-print alloy components for high temperature, wear, and corrosion environments. J&L‘s refiner plate business is focused on the design and manufacture of refiner plates for the pulp and paper industry with the goal of helping our customers optimize their refining processes.  J&L designs and manufactures refiner plates for the pulp and paper industry for improved fiber quality, lower energy cost, lower production costs, and increased throughput. 

The J&L Precision Casting business unit supplies parts to industries such as mining, agriculture, valves, and heavy industry. J&L produces castings with a wide selection of alloys and the casting knowledge to provide our customer with a high quality casting and a great value.

Precision Tool Group manufactures extended life metal-working tools that minimize tool ownership costs and production downtime for fastener and special-formed parts manufacturing.

NSS Technologies produces net and near-net shaped metal parts using a cold-forming process that optimizes grain flow, strength, and component cost in a broad range of high-volume applications for the automotive, mining and construction, consumer products, oil and gas, recreational, heavy truck, and ordnance markets.

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