Investment Cast Products

The world leader in manufacturing high-quality, complex investment castings for aircraft engine, industrial gas turbine, airframe, and other applications, including the world's largest diameter investment cast components. The segment produces the world's largest diameter nickel-based super alloy, titanium, and stainless steel components, as well as a wide range of medium and small castings; stationary vanes and rotating blades for high-performance turbine engines; and aluminum castings for aerospace and other applications.

    Investment Cast Products Segment Components:

    PCC Structurals Image

    PCC Structurals

    The world leader in large, complex structural investment castings for aircraft, with a well-established presence in airframe, land-based military, medical, and general industrial markets.  PCC Structurals manufactures stationary components that form portions of the fan, compressor, combustor, and turbines sections of a jet aircraft engine.  Through its technology and expertise, the business has maintained its leadership on new and development engine programs.

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    PCC Airfoils Image

    PCC Airfoils

    A leading producer of high-temperature rotating blades and stationary vanes for the hot sections of jet aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines.  Made of nickel super alloys, PCC Airfoils' products must be manufactured with complex, internal cooling passages to withstand turbine temperatures of 2,400° F or more.  The business has also become a major supplier of airfoils on large, land-based gas turbines for electrical power generation.

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    Segment Employees and Locations

    Number of Employees (approx., from cont. ops) 8,100
    Number of Manufacturing Locations 29