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Aircraft and Industrial gas turbine engines

Within both the aircraft and industrial engine segments, PCC Airfoils LLC manufactures hot section components including blades, vanes, shrouds, shroud hangers, heat shields, and fairings made from single crystal, directionally solidified, and equiax nickel- or cobalt-based super-alloys. 

These materials enable gas turbines to be operated at higher temperatures to deliver improved fuel efficiencies and lower emissions. 

Component sizes range from just a couple of inches to greater than 40 inches, with weights of just a few ounces to more than 300 lbs.

Only production source of cast titanium aluminide airfoils for aircraft engines.

This alloy provides design capability with approximately half the density of similarly capable equiax nickel-based super-alloys.  This family of materials enables a substantial weight reduction throughout the engine system, resulting in better fuel efficiencies and emissions.

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