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As the aerospace market leader for investment castings, PCC Structurals produces engine and airframe components for every western jet aircraft in production and under development by the major OEMs.

Components found in both the hot and cold-sections of the engine and in structural airframe applications include intermediate cases, fan frames, stators, compressor rear frames, turbine exhaust cases, tail bearing housings, diffusers, compressor housings, combustor cases, fuel nozzles, burner domes, inlet ducts, auxiliary power unit components, bearing housings, heat shields, and aircraft doors.

Power generation products include outer cases, transition ducts, inner hubs, forward air sealers, nuclear tie plates, turbine cases, front frames, impellers, and liners.

Medical products include femoral knee replacements, tibial knee replacements, cup hip, replacements, stem hip replacements, and ribs.

Military products include airframe center bodies, suspension and chassis components, uav landing gear, lightweight howitzer components, missile housings and bodies, and armament and gun system structures.

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