Company Overview

Precision Castparts Corp. is a worldwide, diversified manufacturer of complex metal components and products. It serves the aerospace, power, and general industrial markets. PCC is the market leader in manufacturing large, complex structural investment castings, airfoil castings, forged components, aerostructures and highly engineered, critical fasteners for aerospace applications. In addition, the Company is the leading producer of airfoil castings for the industrial gas turbine market. PCC manufactures extruded seamless pipe, fittings, forgings, and clad products for power generation and oil & gas applications; commercial and military airframe aerostructures; and metal alloys and other materials to the casting and forging industries.

Precision Castparts Corp.

Airframe Markets and Products

  • Airframe Fasteners
    • High-Strength Bolts, Screws, and Nuts
    • Pin and Lockbolt Fastening Systems
    • Self-Retaining Bolts
    • Sleeved Fastening Systems
    • Expandable Diameter Fasteners
    • Plate and Channel Nuts
    • Barrel Nuts
    • Blind Rivets and Blind Bolts
    • Panel Fasteners
    • Sandwich Inserts
  • Engine Fasteners
    • High-Strength Bolts, Screws, and Nuts
    • Expandable Diameter Fasteners
    • Barrel Nuts
    • Studs and Inserts
    • Bearing Locknuts
  • Mechanical Hardware
    • Fluid Fittings and Boss Port Adapters
    • Latches and Keeper Assemblies
    • Struts and Hold Open Rods
    • Ball-Lok® Pins/Quick-Release Pins
    • Precision Machined Components
  • Structural Components
    • Aerostructure Details and Assemblies
      • Machined Parts (3, 4, and 5-Axis Prismatic and Longbed)
      • Sheet Metal Fabrications for Airframe and Engine OEM's
      • Engine Lock-plates and Bracketry
      • Leading Edge and Trailing Edge Assemblies
      • Wing Ribs and Spars
      • Fairings
      • Stringers, Corner Details, and Spar Angles
      • Structural Composites and Composite Assemblies
      • Door Assemblies
      • Control Rods, Cables, and Flight Control Assemblies
      • Kitting, Assembly, and Integration of Multiple Commodity Types
      • Air Intakes
      • Hydraulic Fittings
      • Tube Connectors
      • Welded Components
      • Other Assemblies Ranging in Size and Complexity
    • Hole Cold Working and Fastening Systems
  • Fastener and Fluid Fitting Installation Tools
  • Critical Fasteners for Aero Derivative Gas Turbine Assembly
    • Gas Producer and Power Turbine Disc Tie Bolts
    • Turbine Blade Retaining Rivets
    • Compressor Rotor Hub Studs
    • Engine Case Flange Bolts
    • Center-Turbine S/S Bolts
    • Turbine Disk Rim Seal Bolts
  • Monitoring and Control Systems for Hydrogen-Cooled Generators.
General Industrial
  • Fasteners for the Automotive, Class 8 Truck, and Heavy Equipment Markets
    • Blind Installed Studs and Inserts
    • Connecting Rod Bolts
    • Cylinder Head Bolts
    • Disk Brake Caliper Pins
    • Socket Head Cap Screws
    • MS/NAS Standard Bolts
  • Grinder Pumps and Components for Low Pressure Residential Sewer Systems
  • Refiner Plates and Screen Cylinders for Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Thread-Rolling and Trimming Dies for Fastener Production

Company Employees and Locations

Number of Employees (approx., from cont. ops) 30,500
Number of Manufacturing Locations 162